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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Where, oh where, is the assistant today ...

Why is it that I seem to have the stamina to handle working in a high-stress, always on environment and no one else does? I don't take advantage of my health plan's mental-health nonsense nor do I go beseech my physician for mood-altering drugs.

I guess I really am a machine after all (Take that any way you like.).

Further ...

The Week magazine is holding its next lunch and political discussion on September 8, 2004. They're going to discuss the upcoming presidential election ... Well ... Sir Harold Evans and company are. I'm just out to make sure that you're all aware of it.

Bloggers, political and otherwise, as always you are welcome. Just RSVP to me. Or find someone who knows how to get to me. I'm known enough by now, I think, for that not to be so hard.


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