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Monday, May 24, 2004

Good evening, all ...

It's been a busy day.

As of this morning, I was expecting around 236 guests for The Week at Grand Central. According to my best guestimate, around 200 showed up.

Luckily for those of you not able to attend. Amy Langfield. Anonymous Outsider, Culture Kitchen, HereIType. and, of course, Jeff Jarvis blogged the whole shebang. Jeff even did it live. Impressive since we couldn't get him a phone line to jack into. (Phone line? Who uses those anymore?).

Then, I started shifting into high gear for The Week's next adventure in the panel discussion sphere, their CEO dialogue at The Four Seasons. (Almost time to hang with Julian Niccolini again. I know, you're envious. And no, he's not going to invite me into the clear canoe.)

To try to relax, I stopped by a knitting group at the Greenwich Village Bistro. No, no knitting for me. Just a beer and a burger.

Ah, the ever-eventful life of a PR person.


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